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Some information about us

    The uncommercial Partnership Publishing House Medicine and Enlightenment was founded on December, 18, 2002.

        The location of the Partnership:
22, Oktyabrsky prospect, Kemerovo, 650066, Russia
E-mail: m-i-d@mail.ru

    The objects (types) of activity of the Partnership are:

              - publication of the print journals Meditsina v Kuzbasse (Medicine in Kuzbass), Mat i Ditya v Kuzbasse (Mother and Child in Kuzbass),
           distribution of the electronic versions of these journals over the Internet;

              - distribution and practical implementation of scientific achievements using publications, video, radio, TV etc.

              - promotion and assistance in rendering of high quality (qualified) medical services for population; promotion and assistance in healthy lifestyle, education,
           enlightenment, upbringing, environmental protection;

              - realization of investigational, scientific, sociologic, survey projects, works and inquiries in social sphere.

       The Partnership is the uncommercial organization without aim of profit. However, it can carry out entrepreneurial activity, because its for the aims
       it was founded.

       The entrepreneurial activity realized by the Partnership for facilitation of the main objectives can include: publishing activity for other branches
       of knowledge and national economy, advertising and other commercial activity.






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