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Publishing activity

     The uncommercial Partnership “Publishing House “Medicine and Enlightenment” realizes:

         - page proofs, page planning, design and preparation of manuscripts for printing;

         - adjustment of scientific manuscripts according to the requirements of State Commission for Academic Degrees
        and Titles under the Russian Ministry of Education of Russian Federation
and laws of Russian Federation
        which regulate publishing activity and scientific journalism;

         - making of electronic versions of manuscripts for distribution over Internet;

         - publication of books, journals, booklets, pamphlets, methodic materials, scientific events programs and other
        print production;

         - production of printing advertisement layouts and its placement in the periodical journals published by us;

         - sponsored filming;

         - production of videoadvertising.   


       Requests and offers are accepted at:
       22, Oktyabrsky prospect, Kemerovo, 650066, Russia

       E-mail: m-i-d@mail.ru




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